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Aww, we thought we were lucky we were sent to work from home. We can sleep in just a bit. We will be with our kids and not feel guilty about leaving to go to work.

OMG!!!! Were we wrong! Now we know we love our kids, but they are driving us NUTS. Even thinking of taking the risk and leaving the house! It's not only the kids driving you nuts, but it's work too!

Now we have to learn how to juggle working at home, being a parent, teacher, entertainer, a professional chef that actually can handle cooking 3 meals and maybe even 4, cleaning service to clean up after everyone.....the list goes on.

We have come up with helpful tips to manage the madness!

1. Call for reinforcements!!! We are all stuck at home together why not help each other out. We can virtually babysit. Call on your family, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, babysitters, even their teachers which now you will kiss the ground they walk upon, and schedule zoom meetings, but have a plan! We all know that children can just sit there and listen quietly. Have something to discuss. Also, let the kids get together as well. They can have their own zoom meetings.

2. Communicate exceptions! Communication is key to it all. Let your kids know that you are working and what you are working on as well. Once they know exactly what you are doing they will be more understanding. This goes for your boss as well. Let them know your situation and that you need time to set up activities for your family such as classwork, lunch, etc.

3. Plan activities! Yes, like we said we are professional entertainers now so we must plan. Broad games and I am sorry but you must play once in a while. Kids drive on attention and we must give in sometimes. Play games with them until you can plan for them to play on their own.

Put on their favorite show or movie and make POPCORN. Popcorn just makes it more enticing.

Reading time for all at the same time. That's right, instead of bedtime reading, take 30 minutes to read your book with them.

Involve other kids that are home to play video games with each other.

Doing a puzzle is a great quiet activity as well. Buy the same puzzle for each kid and challenge them to a race. Whoever finish first wins.

4. Time scheduling. That time you thought you were going to take to sleep in a bit, well that's out the door! Wake up before anyone else to have "me" time. Prioritize your schedule as well, get important classwork right after breakfast.

5. Set boundaries! If mommy or daddy close the bedroom door that means they are working which means not to be disturbed. Create a HUGE do not disturb sign.

6. Reward good behavior!!! We know it's hard to find when we find out that our kids are actually little devils, but we must find good behavior to reward. You can create it if you can't find it!

Here is an example:

Cameron (child) is yelling

Mom or dad: Hey do you know how to whisper?

Cameron: Keeps yelling

Mom or dad: This is how you whisper, (whisper you have a big nose). You will get a laugh. And you tell him now it's your turn. And he returns the whisper. There you go, you now have good behavior and reward him for whispering.

Create a good behavior chart. No knocking on the door, you get a good behavior reward. No hitting your sister, you get a good behavior reward. No interruption, you get a good behavior reward. You get the idea. Have a family meeting to discuss what the rewards will be. If you let them choose their reward, guess what they will want them.

7. Do yoga together. They are stressed too! Doing yoga is a great way to relieve stress. Get the whole family involved.

8. DO NOT LET THEM SLEEP LATE!! Keep their bedtime the same as you were going to take them to school, babysitting, etc. Keeping a routine is very essential for kids. It helps them balance now and in their future. And when they are sleeping, guess what you can finally breathe. Take a walk. It's late and minimal people outside.

Reach out to us if you just want to talk. We are there for you: 973-937-7ECG(324).

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