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Tap into your creativity!

Have you lost count of the days you have been home? Do you feel you have watched everything on Netflix? Have you run out of ideas of what to do? You are not alone.

We are all feeling anxious, irritated, and quit honestly bored as hell. This is the time to tap into your creativity. Tapping into your creativity will allow you to go start a hobby you always wanted to do or go back to a hobby you had. You might even start something BIG, like starting your own business! I personally started this blog. 😁

Are you thinking, hmm you are right, but where should I start? Or perhaps you are having a hard time tapping into it. Well I have thought about this and here are my tips:

1. Pay attention to those ideas which I call POPs. When you are watching a show, eating dinner, on the toilet (you know this is when you get your best ideas😋), speaking to someone and all of sudden POP an idea comes to mind. Write it down immediately! You will be surprised by how many pops you actually come up with.

2. Don't overthink it! Please, do not schedule a time for this. Scheduling time to be creative is not being creative. Creativity shouldn't be controlled and most likely will not yield any result if you do. Hey, you are home and have all the time to let your creativity flow whenever it hits.

3. Still struggling for ideas, well here are some ideas you might like:

Painting or drawing

Writing-Journal, Blog, Play, Book, Poetry

Marketing ads-Help out a small business

Cooking-Hey, you might open a restaurant when this is all over. People will want to go out after this!

Planting-You can start that garden you always wanted. This is the season to start planting.

Learn something new-Come on YouTude University! You can learn anything!

Start a YouTube Channel-Well after you YouTude everything you possibly want to learn, you should have learned that you can have your OWN channel.

Music-Learn a new instrument. Write a song.

Self-care-You have all the time in the world to finally take care of yourself and learn new organic and DIY on how to make your hair shine, etc. You might come out with a product to produce.

Fashion-Are you a fashionista? Time to start your own line.

4. I think you are getting the hint that by tapping into your creativity you can start your own business OR help someone who already started like us.

Real Estate is always a great way to build wealth. If you want to learn or help ECG Property Solutions, contact us at 973-937-7324.

We will pay you for any referrals for any property we close. How can you get referrals in quarantine?

Contact landlords-Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Zillow,, etc. You can simply ask them if they are willing to sell and if yes, send it to us and we will take care of the rest.

Know someone-just simply refer us.

Thank you from the bottom of our

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