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The Key to Success: Knowing your why!

When you start anything in your life, there is always a why.

Why are you going to work?

Why are you going to the gym?

Why are you going shopping?

Why are you reading?

Whatever you are doing or going to decide to do, you have to know why.

Your why is what gives you the motivation to keep going.

Starting your ventures into Real Estate Investing, you will have to have a strong why.

So strong it will make you cry.

Why is finding your “why” is so important?

For the simple fact, it gives you a purpose to keep going.

Without a purpose then why even start.

Many use money has a purpose, but money shouldn’t be the reason.

Money changes lives and that is a reason.

Wanting to change your life or others, is why you want money.

This is one of the most common “why”, but knowing why is crucial.

Otherwise, we would all just be aimlessly wandering about without any real sense of purpose or end goals in mind.

When you know your “why”, it just makes it easier to make decisions.

It helps you to remember your values so that when it comes time to make decisions, you are doing what’s best for you. Should I go home and watch Netflix or attend a REIA meeting? When you have clarity of your “why”, this decision should be a breeze.

Oh boy, when those tough hard times come rolling, your why must be able to hold you up.

It can be easy to lose sight of why we work so hard to try to make our dreams happen if we don’t keep the “why” in mind as we go through those tough times. If you’re having a bad day or feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose in doing what you do, keep reminding yourself of why you got started in the first place.

I challenge you to be brave and ask yourself why.

And your “why” may not be just one reason.

It can be several, but be clear and have clarity.

When you pinpoint your “why”s, I encourage you to try to keep them at the back of your mind. Especially on days that you need extra motivation to keep on keepin’ on!

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