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The new world, the virtual world.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We have been asked, are you that desperate that you would risk your life and the owner’s life in this pandemic just to get their house under contract? How highly do you think he/she will value or trust you?"


The life of everyone is our highest priority, period! That said, we completely understand that there are buyers and sellers, even NOW, who still need to move forward with their individual real estate needs. This is a unique situation our entire world is facing right now, and our goal is to make each client we work with COMFORTABLE with the individual choices they need to make during this time.

The good news is that our team is 100% ready to assist the needs of ALL of our clients through VIRTUAL technology! We also have all our closing documents on DocuSign. No need for you to welcome us to your home. We are problem solvers and if there is a situation that needs one of our members to go to the house, we are prepared to enter.  We have the full protected gear and have showers at the office.

Please keep in mind, that if you are looking to sell your home now, in-person assessments of your property may be severely reduced - and that is where VIRTUAL tours will help! Another way is by having pictures already taken and ready to be shared.

If you are a buyer needing to make a purchase - we may be limited to the number of homes we can look at in person - however, we will make every effort to obtain a VIRTUAL tour on every property you have an interest in seeing - even if someone from our team can go and record a VR video for you (seller permitting).

WE MUST START GETTING COMFORTABLE OF THE VIRTUAL WORLD.  Believe me, we started our journey in real estate investments because we LOVE people.  We are social butterflies and love to help people. That is our passion and we are not going to stop because of the world's current situation!

We must find solutions, we are problem solvers and if you need our help we are here! 

Don't be afraid!

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