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What the heck is skip tracing??

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Written by Evelyn C. Garcia

Edit by Akemis Ortiz

Have you ever heard the terminology and wondered what it was? Skiptracing is just jargon for tracking or tracing where someone is located. It is pretty simple! You'll become so good at it that you will start to feel like you are an FBI agent.

Why will you become so good at it? Because you will HAVE TO find people. For example, there was a client who became ill and who couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage. She had to pick from medical bills to stay alive or mortgage. Therefore, her home went into the foreclosure process and you would think that was the bad part of the story. It turns out to be that the mortgage was in her name, but the deed to the house was still under her ex-husband's as well, which she hasn’t spoken to for over 10 years. I traced him to SC, NC, and lastly to NJ. I went knocking on everyone's door asking for him and even got threatened to have the cops be called upon. Fortunately, the doorman of the building overheard the situation and told me that the guy we were looking for was here a few minutes ago. I was like no way, can you please deliver a message for me because this is a serious situation. I told him that the guy will be losing his home. From this experience, I discovered that when there is a will there is a way! If we had never skip traced him, we would have never gotten to him. Plus, he did call back!

The biggest part of this industry is contacting the homeowners, and there are multiple services you can use to skip trace to do so! I've been using for single searches. On this site, you can search the address, phone number, or name, and you will find tons of information about anyone who has lived there. Here is a list of other free skip tracing services:

Many other companies provide bulk skip tracing. However, be warned that the companies that charge 2 to 4 cents per search will get you precisely what you paid for. Those types of companies will provide maybe one or two numbers that may not even belong to the homeowner. Yes, you might get lucky, but you will instantly learn that you don’t have the time or luck. You need to be strategic with your business. The best skip tracing company that I have seen so far is Leadshepra. Leadshepra provides two kinds of services: tracing and texting. The texting service is great but expensive to start with, yet what most people do not know is that you don’t need the texting service for the skip tracing service. You can open an account just for skip tracing. This service costs 15 cents apiece. They provide great and accurate information. If you are planning to call each one individually, it would be an excellent choice to invest in a service dialer provider that includes skiptracing like Mojosells. For $40, you can get unlimited skiptracing, even though, it’s not as accurate.

Now you have an idea of what skiptracing is and why you may need it, how to use it, and where to get it. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you use for skiptracing. We would love to hear from you!

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