Why us?

You may be asking yourself, why sell your property using us?


Here are some reasons:

Repairs: If you need to gut your home in order to sell, you need us! Retail realtors can't sell a home that needs immense work done. Conventional bank loans will not be approved if the house doesn't pass inspection. Also, retail buyers don't want to remodel their NEW homes. They want to move right on in and feel at home.

Baby-boomer: You lived in your home for more than 30 years and ready to downsize, do you really want to spend your time on renovations? Or do you want to be in the Bahamas sipping on a pina colada?

Divorce: We fell in love now we have to split our money and fast! Sorry, you are experiencing this, but life happens and we must move on and quickly. We can help speed up that process. 

Bankruptcy: Aha you can start all over or so you thought! The bank can still come after you to pay the remaining mortgage. 

Foreclosure: Don't let the bank take over your house! You can still overcome this! 

Inherit: Your beautiful and lovely auntie left you that ugly falling apart house across the nation. How thoughtful of her? We'll buy it so you will not have to deal with it. 

Moving: Great! You got that promotion you always wanted, but wait it's in Seattle and you have to be there in 3 weeks. Well, first congratulations and we can make that happen!

No commission: What? You are a penny saver like me? Come here and give me a hug! That's right we do not charge any commission.

The list goes on: Tax lien, short sale, no open house, buyer's financing, etc - contact us for additional details.

Whatever your situation is, you can rely on us to help you the best way we can!

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